About Jerry Berthelette


Born in Scotland, Jerry was raised in the French Catholic community of St. Adolpe, Manitoba.
Jerry is a self taught artist. He received some guidance at an early age from the Grey Nuns at the St. Adolphe Convent for Girls. Art Classes were taken at St. Adolphe High School, taught by Sister Christina where she instructed sketching, drawing and pen and ink medium.. After high school, Jerry moved to Kenora, Ontario to work with the Sisters and Priests at the O.M.I. Indian Residential School. In 1992, Jerry decided to pursue his French Canadian heritage and applied for his Aboriginal Metis status. Jerry is now a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta.


During the last 10 years, Jerry has taken several courses at the Gallery, Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta and some private tutoring as well. He has learned different techniques from Jane Ash Poitras multi-media designs, D.C. Lunds water colors and Dale Augers contemporary designs and colors.
His artistic statement is to produce, authenticate, original artwork of his Metis and French Catholic heritage, to transpose these art works to a documentary, autobiography of the trials and tribulations of his forefathers, still to this present day. That, these paintings and documentary be a celebration and a completion of my Circle of Life for our personal family. Also to be enjoyed as reference material for all future generations of family and Metis who are interested in creating their own "Circle of Life".